Chinese Coal Plants will be Envied

Carbon dioxide on Earth is only 400ppm, or 20% of the 2000ppm ideal level for plants and trees. More CO2 will be much better for food production as the global cooling that has begun makes it harder to grow. Canadian greenhouse growers direct the exhaust from heaters directly into their greenhouses to double the growth rate of their indoor crops.
Shutting Down Coal plants in Eastern US guarantees winter power blackouts as this inter will be as cold, and colder and longer than last winter. These coal plants are being shut down because wind power is being subsidized and coal fired plants cannot stay in business. Coal plants will most likely be restarted, but electricity rates will have to rise significantly at the same time. Meanwhile, the Chinese will be glad to have coal energy that will operate under cloudy skies with icing conditions that stop Solar and Wind power production.
Blind Global Warming Political Science predicts nothing but hotter and hotter weather, while we have had the coldest winter and summer in 30 years in the Northern Hemisphere. The latest predictions from Climate Scientists who are not being paid to promote Global Warming say we will all freeze in the next decade or more with the Politicians and the scientists whose paychecks depend on promoting the Global Warming model that fails more every day.
It is a selfish disservice to mankind for politicians demand preparations for heat when deadly cold and crop failures are already here. These conditions will become very obvious starting this 2014-2015 winter, and going forward for at least a decade. Look out your window and watch.


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