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Climate Realists Deny Nothing

Climate Realists are not denying anything, but instead look objectively at the Reality. Raw global temperature measurements show NO warming trend since the Year 2000. In fact there is a cooling trend. It is only when adjustments are made to the raw measurements that warming appears. More importantly, the SAME data has been adjusted again and again, each time increasing the warming some more. For proof, see considerthisinfo.com.

Arctic ice did decline through 2012, but quickly returned to normal by 2015. Be sure to ask for 2013, 2014, and 2015 measurements that are usually left off. Antarctic ice has been thickening and increasing for 30 years. For proof, see paullitely.com.

It is not necessary to deny anything if you present unaltered measurements.

It should also be noted that the USA is in the longest period of time without a category 4 or 5 hurricane on record. Nothing since 2006.

It should also be noted that global average sea level measurements show increases of 1.1 Millimeter per decade. There are 24.5 Millimeters in an inch. It would take 100 years to rise 4 inches at this rate. Local measurements are affected by the thickness of warm ocean currents, the push of winds, and in some cases, the sinking of land.

Why is it that we only hear exaggerated predictions with shouts that anybody with a different opinion should be silenced? Simply because it is popular to believe the future will be different if we all change our behaviors the way we are told. Meanwhile, the United Nations “Authorities” are able to raise hundreds of Billions of dollars to try to change the weather.  Why would those getting paid so much ever admit they may be wrong?

If we are not really changing the weather now (humans have not warmed the planet except by altering the temperature measurements), why believe we can change the weather in the future? Because just saying it IS possible convinces people to take the actions recommended by those who present themselves as authorities.  When enough of us are convinced to take those actions because it supports our desire to protect nature, it becomes a movement. Movements are not easily redirected.  Movements have a life of their own and blindly mow down what is in their way. The most unfortunate part of this movement is that it increases the cost of living for those who can least afford it. It is killing them by cold and starvation. They cannot afford to Heat and Eat. Resources that could be used to make life better for the most people are diverted into the pockets of Politicians, Academics, and New industries whose only profits come from being subsidized. There is a Milli-trillion dollar waste of taxpayers dollars trying to do what we have not succeeded in doing yet… CHANGE THE WEATHER. Clearly the increased CO2 has not done it. How can reducing CO2 do it?

Finally, objective surveys of associations of climate experts result in only 55% agreeing that humans may be changing the climate. Look carefully at any surveys claiming more than that.