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Pope Francis Encyclical Containing References on Global Warming was not Released on Time. It Was Leaked instead. Here is the Presentation That Caused Pope Francis PAUSE, and to Condemn Carbon Credits

The “Draft Version” of the Papal Encyclical on Global Warming was conveniently “Leaked” so the Pope could guage how it would be received. This path was chosen after the presentation to the Pope from Heartland Institute Scientists and public policy experts. The presentation demonstrated that there is no established connection between CO2 and Global warming. It showed that the policies being pushed by the United Nations Panel on Clumate Change are harming the poor the most by causing economic hardship. The Pope attacked #Carbon #Credits as being economic elitism.

This personal message to the Pope before his encyclical on CO2 Globalwarming summarizes the reality of the science and the catastrophic effects on the poor from attempting to cause Climate Change.